Mark Rose dominates 2010 Gulf Coast Poker Championship Main Event Final Table


Main Event Champion Mark Rose from Orlando, Florida

Over the course of 11 days and 14 events, the Gulf Coast Poker Championship culminates in the $5,000 main event. The eventual winner would not only get the trophy, the bracelet, and the money; but would receive a seat to the WPT Southern Poker Championship in January 2011. Last year, Chad Brown, a professional from Las Vegas, Nevada, won this main event. This year, he would make the final table, but could he repeat as champion? We pick the action up on the final table.

On the second hand of action, Ben Chan and Ron Romano are all-in pre-flop. Ben holds pocket 3’s and Ron has K-J. The board was all over the place, but in the end, the 3’s hold up. Ron Romano of Acworth, Georgia finished 9th earning $14,782.

In late position, Ben Chan pushed his 38,500 stack in the middle and the action folded around to Jonathan Stanton in the big blind. Stanton got a count and made the call with pocket 9’s. Ben turned over Q-8 and the two saw a flop of 7-K-4. The turn card was an ace and the river was a jack. Ben Chan finished 8th earning $19,710.

Jonathan Stanton made a raise to 16k pre-flop and action got to Ricky Bennett in the big blind. Ricky only had 40k total and decided to push it in the middle. Jonathan only had to call 24k more and did with A-8 versus Ricky’s K-6. The flop was J-Q-A, the turn was a 6 and the river was a 7. Ricky Bennett of Rockmart, Georgia finished 7th earning $24,637.

With the blinds at 4k/8k/1k, Mike Bradford limps in under the gun. Action got over to Will Souther, who made a raise to 24k. Chad Brown was in the big blind and called the 24k and Mike Bradford moved all-in. Will Souther insta-called and Chad folded. Mike held pocket A’s, which were well in front of the pocket K’s of Souther. The flop was 6-10-5 and the turn was a jack. The river was a king, which gave Souther the winning set. Mike Bradford, from Douglasville, Georgia, finished 6th earning $34,492.

Mark Rose made a raise from the cut-off to 18k. Jonathan Stanton called the bet and Chad Brown made it 60k. Mark Rose called the 60k and Jonathan Stanton moved all-in for an additional 70k. Chad reluctantly folded and Mark Rose insta-called with pocket Q’s. Jonathan Stanton would need help with his J-10. The flop was 8…-2-Q, which gave the set to Rose, but a gutshot to Stanton. The turn was a 4 and the river was a 4. Jonathan Stanton, from St. Pete, Florida, finished 5th earning $34,492.

Chad Brown and Kai Landry were in the blinds and the two of them managed to get all-in. Chad held A-K while Kai Landry was behind with A-J. The flop was the miracle that Kai needed when the 5-8-J came. The turn was a 9 and the river was also a 9. Chad Brown finished the day in 4th earning $39,419.

On the turn, with the board reading K-10-7-9, Will Souther made a bet of 35k. Mark Rose raised the action another 62k and Souther announced another raise. Before Souther could get a raise announced, Mark moved all-in and Souther quickly called. Souther made the straight with J-8, but Mark had the nuts with Q-J. The river was 4 and Will “Poker Monkey” Souther, from Biloxi, Mississippi, finished the day 3rd earning $59,129.

Mark Rose made a raise from the button to 40k and Kai Landry moved all-in. Mark wasted little time in calling with A-J, which was a coin flip to Landry’s pocket 7’s. The flop took care of the coin flip, when it came 9-J-Q. The turn was a 10, which gave some chop potential to Landry. But, the river was the 6 and Kai Landry finished 2nd earning $93,621.

Mark Rose, From Orlando, Florida, is the 2010 Gulf Coast Poker Championship main event champion! For his efforts, Mark walks away with $177,386, the trophy, the bracelet and the $10k WPT main event seat.

This is the final event in the MGM Resorts International Mississippi Poker Tournament Series leading up to the Southern Poker Championship. The dates for the Southern Poker Championship are January 6th – 27th.

Place Player Hometown Payout
1 Mark Rose Orlando, Florida $177,386
2 Kai Landry Biloxi, Mississippi $93,621
3 Will “Poker Monkey” Souther Biloxi, Mississippi $59,129
4 Chad Brown Las Vegas, Nevada $39,419
5 Jonathan Stanton St. Pete, Florida $34,492
6 Mike Bradford Douglasville, Georgia $29,534
7 Ricky Bennett Rockmart, Georgia $24,637
8 Ben Chan Panama City, Florida $19,710
9 Ron Romano Acworth, Georgia $14,782

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