Event #24 – $1,060 No Limit Hold’em


We pick up the action on the final table. Kevin Eyster moved all-in under the gun for 30k and David Nicholson called. Everyone else folded and Kevin held Q-J versus the pocket A’s of Nicholson. The board read 8-7-2-2-5 and Kevin Eyster from Lafayette, Louisiana finished 9th earning $2,638.

In two hands, Vin Luu managed to get felted. In the first hand, He pushed all-in with A-9 from the sb and Martin Hornitz called with A-Q. Hornitz would flop a Q and take down the pot. Two hands later, Vin would move all-in with 7s-6s and Martin would call him again with pocket 7’s. The board read 6h-2d-8s-Jh-10s and Vin Luu of San Jose, California finished 8th earning $3,958.

Mark Wilds made a raise from 10k to 31k and action folded to Nick Rampone, who moved all-in. Mark took a minute, but made the call with A-Q versus the pocket 8’s of Nick. The flop was 8-3-J and the set of Rampone was in the lead. The turn was a K and now Mark could catch a 10 for the win. But, the river was a 6 and Mark Wilds of Biloxi, Mississippi finished 7th earning $5,277.

Chad Burns moved all-in from early position and Martin Hornitz made the call. Chad tabled J-10 versus the pocket K’s of Hornitz. The board failed to improve Chad’s hand and Chad Burns from Houston, Texas finished 6th earning $6,596.

On the turn, with the board reading 6-Q-3-K, David Nicholson was the first to act and moved all-in. Martin Hornitz took some time to think it over, but finally made the call with K-10 versus the A-Q of Nicholson. The river was a J and David Nicholson of Biloxi, Mississippi, finished 5th earning $7,915.

Nick Rampone made a raise from 12k to 30k and Carlos Cuentos moved all-in for 90k. Nick called and tabled A-3 versus the Q-J of Cuentos. The flop was 8-3-2, the turn was a K and the river was a 7. Carlos Cuentos of Houston, Texas finished 4th earning $10,554.

On a flop of Kc-Ah-Jd, Martin Hornitz checked to Mike Shafer, who checked too. David Nicholson fired out 44k and Martin Hornitz made the bet 119k. Mike Shafer folded and David put in a third bet of 200k. Mike Hornitz moved all-in and David called with Qh-10h versus the Qc-10c Hornitz. The turn was the 2h giving the flush advantage to David. the river was the 7h and what was thought to be a chopped pot all went to David Nicholson. Martin Hornits finished 3rd earning $13,192.

Nick Rampone limped in and Mike Shafer checked his bb to see the 2-8-5 flop. Both players checked to the turn of J and Mike Shafer checked. Nick Rampone lead out for 54k and Mike Shafer moved all-in. Rampone went over all the hands that his foe could possibly have and finally made the call with J-4. Mike Shafer held J-2 for two pair and the lead. The river was a K and Nick Rampone of Portland, Oregon finished 2nd earning $24,009.

“Uncle” Mike Shafer of Detroit, Michigan was our event #24 champion. Not only does he get the bracelet and the trophy, but Mike received $43,534.

Event #24 – $1,060 No Limit Hold’em
Total players 136
Prize pool $131,920
Place Player Winnings
1 Mike Shafer/Detroit, Mi $43,534
2 Nick Rampone/Portland, Or $24,009
3 Martin Hornitz/Norway $13,192
4 Carlos Cuentos/Houston, Tx $10,554
5 David Nicholson/Biloxi, Ms $7,915
6 Chad Burns/Houston, Tx $6,596
7 Mark Wilds/Biloxi, Ms $5,277
8 Vin Luu/San Jose, Ca $3,958
9 Kevin Eyster/Lafayette, La $2,638
10 Tom Franklin/Gulfport, Ms $1,847
11 John Alm $1,847
12 Walter Roberts $1,847
13 Colen Beck $1,583
14 Rusty Moorer $1,583
15 Donald Matthews $1,583
16 Michael Kerlin $1,319
17 Jeremy Gaubert $1,319
18 George McMullen $1,319

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