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SBPC Championship Event: Poker Dealer Shows He Can Play Too – John Langevin Wins

$740 + $60 No Limit Hold ‘Em Championship Event   Poker dealers spend hours at the tables watching others play – this experience can often be invaluable as they pick up how people play and also learn the subtleties of the game. Such was the case today for Pensacola, Florida poker dealer John Langevin as […]

SBPC Event 14: Todd Chancellor Wins

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold ‘Em Single Re-entry (1 Day)   Todd Chancellor has come out on top of Event 14, winning $4,963 and a Spring Break Poker Classic trophy. Congratulations Todd!     Final Results   Place Name Winnings 1st Todd Chancellor (Chancellor, AL) $4,963.00 2nd Tom Knower (Metairie, LA) $2,881.00 3rd Gary […]

SBPC Event 12: There’s No Denying Benny This Time

$300 + $40 No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Day Event)   At the 2013 Gulf Coast Poker Championship, Benny Champlin took 13th in the Seniors Event and then took 14th in the Championship Event. He followed up those two deep runs with a 2nd place finish in a $300 NLHE event at the Million Dollar […]

SBPC Event 11: Bosarge Wins 2nd SBPC Title

$200 + $30 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better   Kell Bosarge from Walker, Louisiana has won Event 11, the $230 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better tournament, at the 2014 Spring Break Poker Championship at Beau Rivage. This is Kell’s 2nd SBPC title as he won a Limit Hold ‘Em tournament here back in […]

SBPC Event 10: Kevin Baker Makes Good On 2nd Final Table Attempt Of Week

Earlier this week in the 6-Max with Bounties NLHE tournament, Kevin Baker came up just short losing a big race with Ace-King against eventual winner Miki Asuncion to finish in 5th place. Today in Event 10, a $230 No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament, there would be no stopping Baker as he would dominate the final […]

SBPC Event 9: Tapscott Dethrones King James

$200 + $30 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better   If you took one look at Herbert Tapscott at the poker table, you’d probably think he’s your stereotypical tight, old guy who only plays the nuts and doesn’t have much of a shot of winning. If you did that though, you’d be doing it at […]

SBPC Event 8: Reed Cooley Flies To Victory

$200 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em   A field of 46 entrants came down to Beau Rivage today to take part in Event 8, a $230 No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament. Early on, Reed Cooley would find himself down to just three big blinds and all in with Q-2. “I ended up sucking out […]

SBPC Event 7: She’s no rookie – Miki Asuncion wins 6-Max with Bounties tournament

$360 + $40 No Limit Hold ‘Em 6-Max With Bounties   As the final table started, there was a lot of discussion going on about the player at the table who was supposedly playing their first live tournament. Her name was Miki Asuncion and she had a commanding chip lead over all the other players […]

SBPC Event 6: Giesse rides his way to the win

$200 + $30 Seniors No Limit Hold ‘Em   It was a nice crowd of players that gathered at Beau Rivage for Event 6 of the Spring Break Poker Classic, the $230 Seniors No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament. A good time was had by all and there were 142 entrants in total to create a […]

SBPC Event 5: James does it again

$100 + $20 Limit Omaha 8 or Better   If there is a Limit 8 or Better tournament in Mississippi, chances are you’ll find Stan James playing in it. Chances also are that you’ll find him going deep. There is also a good chance that Mr. James will end up winning the tournament if the […]

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